Monday, January 30, 2012

His Head Is What?

For those of you that aren't aware we do have a grandson that is 9 mo. old.  My son phoned me this morning concerned as he had a received a call from my dil who had just come from an appt. with the pediatrician for Andrew's checkup.  My son's question to me was "did I have a big head when I was a baby?"  No, his head was normal as I recollect.  In all seriousness the doctor is concerned that Andrew's head measurement since his 6 mo. to his 9 mo. visit is too great.  As I recall when he was born his head measured 14 in.  They have a Cat Scan scheduled tomorrow morning to hopefully dispel any concerns or problems.  No, I am not privy to the 6 mo. measurement but I do know that today it measured "18 something."  So his current head size isn't the concern but the growth rate since last visit.  Whoops, I think I already said that.  Please excuse me but I am a concerned Nanni at the moment. 

I (being a disabled & retired R.N.)  have lost all sense of rationability and nurse sense.  Strange how we lose all perspective when we are concerned about a family member. 

I keep reassuring myself someone mis-measured or documented the wrong head circumference at one of the two visits or both.    I know one thing for certain, he has a perfect, beautiful head. 

I shall pray and wait patiently for the results of the CT scan tomorrow.  Please keep Andrew in your thoughts.