Monday, March 12, 2012

Household Of The Disabled

We have a unique household in that each of us; human, feline and canine are disabled in our own way.  I shall deal with our pets today as our oldest cat, Junior who has a constant protruding tongue and appears somewhat inept awakened today not feeling up to par.  He is 16 yrs. old.  He was laying on Jim this morning and urinated in his lap.  He appears quite lethargic and has no interest in anything but sleeping.
Baby, our youngest cat of 9 yrs has only 4 feet.  She gets along very well for her disability.  She appears to be feeling well at this time.

Maggie our precious lab mix who is almost 3 yrs of age was diagnosed with ruptured ACL ligaments in both her rear knees with the right being in worse condition.  Our vet here in our small town had been thinking it was hip dysplasia not being satisfied with her diagnosis we sought another opinion in the city.  Thankfully we did before her condition deteriorated more than it has.  She is scheduled for surgery this March 16.

As for we humans in the house we are getting along as best we can considering what we are dealing with at the moment.  Jim's new medication has reduced the frequency of his angina.  He remains very fatigued with shortness of breath with any activity.

I was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  Just what I needed to add to the list of maladies I have had diagnosed.  This is taking some big adjustments in my diet.  Wish me luck.  My back injury from my yoga attempt took a doctors visit and a couple of weeks to resolve.

I have been crocheting something my 11yr. old granddaughter had requested and have it completed except for some small detail work.  I shall refer you a photo to give you an idea of what has had me pulling my hair out. LOL
It is the red one, Latias that is almost completed. The blue one or Latios is more detailed.  What I won't do for my grandchildren. 

Don't let one cloud obliterate the whole sky.- Anais Nin