Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deal With It!

Who said living together twenty four hours a day was easy?  My precious husband and I have been living the twenty four hour thing the past month since his retirement.  Honestly it has proven to be easier than I think we both anticipated.  Don't get me wrong there have been a few bumps in the road but nothing a little patience and a few minutes alone can't resolve.  He has heard, "deal with it," a few times, such as when I sat down to write this.   Truly he is an angel of a husband.

His application for SS Disability is complete, he has had his phone interview and now more forms have been received for completion.  I had to complete a set of forms about how his disability has affected him from A to Z.  So the saga continues. 

My fingers have been busy this month with my crocheting.  I got a bee in my bonnet and made several baby bonnets.  As you can see our poor Maggie is fed up with being my model.  She is such a good sport. 

I found the granny square bonnet pattern on-line and I am sorry I can't give its author credit as is customary because I can't find the link I am certain I saved. 

Brain fog, cog fog or whatever you choose to call it has been ever present lately.  It doesn't make crocheting easy either.  I love simple things that require basic steps.  Right now I am working on a scarf that does require the use of my brain.  I feel it is best to challenge one's self from time to time.  Hubby has some cog fog issues too which is double the trouble for us.  I found the bag of pinto beans I planned to prep for cooking in the bedroom the other day.  How did they get there?  I am sure hubby put them there to fool with my head.   Now he is my excuse.  This just might work out.

Have a nice week everyone.


  1. Sounds like you're gonna be fine! The dog?

    1. I am crocheting a scarf right now so maybe the modeling won't be to bad for Maggie. LOL Thanks for dropping by.

  2. We just found a pinto bean (soup bean) that was like my parents always use to eat. They are a dark bean and make a dark soup. But now that we found them the place we found them is closing... We look kinda silly buying out all of their soup beans...LOL

    1. How funny. I am sure they are wondering about your diet. LOL
      I do love ham & beans and sweet cornbread. Ymmm
      Thanks for stopping by.


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