Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Many Changes To Come and Crochet

First let me  show you my latest creations(laughing under my breath).  Should the period be before or after the parenthesis?  I will check on that later.  That is funny too as I can't remember things more than 5 minutes if I am having a good day.  Cognitive problems if anyone is wondering.  Ok, ok back to my latest finished projects.

The pattern for the scarf on the left is courtesy of Redheart.  It is called, Colorful Corded Scarf and is pattern number LW2623.  It consists of only 4 rows and takes very little time.  I wish I had made it longer but that is my personal preference.
The scarf on the right is my pattern.  It consists of a V-stitch and 2 clusters.  I am not a pattern writer. 

Now on to my current works in progress.

Another work in progress I have is an amigurumi doll called Ponyo.  There is a childs movie about Ponyo which is very cute.  This pattern is courtesy of
Please don't judge my WIP to the one A Gamer's Wife  made as mine has been a real struggle and learning experience for me.  I need to find a video on how to attach hair.  That is my next challenge.  Yes, I have attached some paper eyes to give me an idea of where her hairline should be.  I took on this project as my 2 1/2 yr. old grandson loves Ponyo.

Now on to the changes about to come to mine and my husbands life.  I am on disability related to my health issues and now because of my husbands cardiac issues and neck/shoulder problems he is quitting his job which has become to difficult and dangerous for him to do.  This will happen beginning January 1, 2012.  At that time he will apply for Social Security Disability.

His health is the main concern here but we will have to make changes as far as our budget which I am certain will add stress to our lives. 

Yes, adjusting to having him home all day seven days a weeks might prove to be interesting.  Up to this point in our lives together we have faced everything with jokes, laughter and love.

I wish everyone a happy Wednesday.

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