Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life and Loss

My dear friend Conni at http://heartshapedrock.blogspot.com/ is grieving the loss of her Dad at this time. He passed away unexpectedly on 4/16/10 from an apparent massive heart attack at his home. He was 55 yrs. young. My heart is aching for Conni and her family.

Her loss brought to the surface memories of my own loss of my Mom, Dad and brother. Unlike Conni's loss of her Dad the loss of my parents and brother were all expected as they were all the result of terminal illness. Whether it be unexpected or a prolonged process death brings forth such a gamut of emotions.

Looking back I realize the importance of the kindness and compassion of friends, community and family. This morning I was made aware of the illness of the partner of a fellow blogger at http://spinfortunaswheel.blogspot.com/ What a wonderful thing, that the blogging community can be there for one another during times such as these.

Never hesitate to reach out, never underestimate the power of a kind word and always share your love with your fellow man.