Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show and Tell

Since I posted last, life has been challenging, eventful, interesting, joyful and full of some beautiful moments.

April as I posted previously was a time of loss. My friend Conni who lost her father is day by day dealing with the grieving process. It is curious how sometimes death/loss brings a renewal to a previously precarious relationship.

My self-challenge began in April. I realized I had reached a point of complacency and possible laziness. My plan was for myself and in turn would hopefully bring some stress and relief to my dear husband. My daily goal was to accomplish at least one task that would benefit both of us. My benefit was the feeling of self-accomplishment and pride. I must say my husband has been appreciative of my efforts but always says "you are doing too much." OK, so I got a little carried away a few days and pushed myself beyond my bodies limits of capability. My lower back went into a flare and put me on the couch for a week. I am up and back to performing my daily task or two or three.

Refined sugar has been on my list of things to avoid to the best of my ability. I am doing fairly well considering I am a sugarholic. I have noticed less ups and downs. I just wish the scale would cooperate with my hard work.

Spring and the beginning of summer, being my favorite times of the year has given me the gardening bug and the shutterbug. My gardening consists of a few pots of flowers on my porch and my lily garden. I love to sit on my porch in the morning and enjoy my flowers and the hummingbirds at the feeder. My first three lilies bloomed yesterday and I share them with you. I hope you have enjoyed some of my photo's scattered throughout this blog.

Hummingbirds are amazing little creatures. So small and yet can be so fierce when fighting over the feeder. I can also see their feeder from my couch so I spend a great deal of time enjoying their antics. They are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Oh my gosh! Maggie, our now one year old puppy discovered her first skunk. Poor puppy. She was such a sad sight. All is well after we bathed her in an odor destroying agent.

Sometimes we need to just take some time to ourselves to self-evaluate, enjoy our surroundings and appreciate life.