Friday, August 28, 2009

Hi, My Name is Maggie

Hello, my name is Maggie. I was born May 26, 2009. I had 8 siblings. July 11, 2009 these people came to visit and adopted me. We went for a ride to my new home. My proud new parents are Kelli and Jim or as they call themselves, "Mom and Dad."

It is a big change leaving your birth Mom and siblings but I soon adjusted to my new home and life. I used to be able to run around in the yard but now I have to wear a leash when I go outside for walks. My new Mom and Dad are so silly as they give me a treat(chewie) every time I poop outside. They are pushovers.

There sure are a lot of new rules. They don't like me biting their fingers and toes. They don't like it when I chew on all the wood stuff in the house either. I do have these things called toys. I have a tennis ball, a rope thingee to chew on, a squeaky possum head and a sock. I wish they wouldn't spend money on me because I am happy chewing on their shoes.

I have a new friend who lives near our house. Her name is Elsie. We like to wrestle and play together.

Mom and Dad keep saying "look how big she is getting." Elsie's Mom and Dad say the same thing. They all say "look at those feet." I think I have pretty feet.

I weighed 10.5 lbs at my first visit to the dog doctor. Mom says I have to go back this Saturday and she thinks I will weigh much more. I will have Mom tell you what I weighed.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the most fun part of living here. There are these four furry things that they call "cats" who live here too. I chase them and they run but sometimes they slap me in the face and they have sharp claws.

This is me and Elsie playing and I am as big as she is now. Maybe Mom will show you more pictures of me sometime. It was nice meeting you.