Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inspirational Blogs

I haven't been blogging long but I have definitely come across many blogs that I find inspirational. These are three ladies that have inspired me. I hope they will drop by and pick up their award.
Herrad~ Whose life has taken such a drastic turn in a very short time.
"Independence is so very important to all of us, never realised quite how important it was until I had none left after becoming so handicapped.
Appreciate what I have still got even more than ever."
Every day is a new day and a new chance."
Sherry~ Who is blogging her way through the grief of losing her beloved daughter Nicole can still muster moments of humor and wit.
"I have no desire to ever see a doctor again but that won't happen.
Today I'll get my hair cut. At least she isn't a doctor! Then if I feel like it, I'll go get me a pair of jeans that won't fall off in public! YES!"
Diane~ A true inspiration in coping with life's changes such as adjusting to an assisted living facility.
"Life really does come at you fast."
Thank you for your courage, wisdom and inspiration.

How Quickly the Table Turns

I had a flashback just a few minutes ago while I filling my weekly med planner. I fill it in front of my microwave and the counter top was a mess which prompted the flashback.

I was taken back about 12 years ago when I was still practicing as a home health nurse. I had one particular patient who I was extremely fond of. We shall call her Ethel. Ethel was morbidly obese, diabetic, history of congestive heart failure, a chain smoker and was developmentally delayed. She was a very special person. No matter what was going on with her health she was always jovial and smiling.

She didn't take much initiative to help herself and preferred others do for her. We always laughed and joked and we had a wonderful relationship. I would fill her med planner weekly during one of my visits. It never failed her counter top was a mess with coffee drippings and artificial sweetener particles scattered about. I would tease her that I thought she could at least have the counter wiped off before I came to have a clean surface to fill her medication box. After weeks of teasing I arrived one day and the counter top was spotless. She yelled from the living room "do you see anything different Kelli?" Words can not express how proud of her I was at that moment. In turn she was extremely proud of herself.

Now I find the tables turned and I have the weekly medication planner to be filled and the counter top that needs to be wiped clean. Thoughts of Ethel were bittersweet as I miss nursing so much. Yet through her I was taught the benefits of laughter, joking and even a little teasing.