Monday, May 25, 2009

I Had the Greatest Idea For a Blog

Those of us with MS know how quickly we can have an idea or thought and poof, it disappears into some dark abyss of our brain. My great blog idea came this past Saturday as my husband and I were driving to my hometown to visit the resting place of my Mom, Dad and my older brother. All I can tell you is I remember the moment that in my mind I thought "that would be a great blog topic." It seems so bizarre to me that I can remember I had the thought but can't remember it. No one said a brain with MS was a joy to live with. I have been thinking for two days now and can recollect nothing. This is so irritating to me.

I shall let you know if it ever comes back to me and will quickly write it here. Yeah right if I am very lucky. I get so annoyed at people suggesting notebooks, post it notes and such to remember. I have notebooks that I have jotted things in for safe keeping and it takes me days to flip through the notebooks to find what I am looking for. Get real.

So in place of my brilliant blog I had intended to write I shall share with you some of the pictures I took while making our trip to and from the cemetary. I hope you enjoy them.

Yes, I did some advice on placing pictures in my blog's and yes I did make my husband take me off the beaten path to get the goat photo's. They were too adorable to pass up.