Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joys of Being a Nan

I am the proud Nan of a beautiful 8 yr. old granddaughter named Addison(Addie). She is my pride and joy. She fills my heart with such love.

That is her sweet little hand giving me a beautiful dandelion. Since she was able to walk we have picked dandelions, strawberries, green beans, peas and many flowers. I have tried to instill in her a love of flowers, nature and in general to find beauty in the little things.

We have been blessed to have an active role in her life up until this point. Our time with her has dramatically decreased because of unresolved family issues. Thus, we make the most of what time we are able to spend with her.

She has developed a routine of things she likes to do during each visit with Nan and Poppi. She tries to fit in all the activities even if her visit is a short one. She loves having her own room here with her special things. In her room she has a vanity for her makeup that Nan lets her play with. Nan always gets a makeover.LOL She also has what she calls her "research table." Poppi has taught her so much about fossils, shells and rock collecting. We also have art supplies here for her. She has been painting since she was in a highchair. This is something she doesn't get to do at home. She always leaves us with some type of artwork or creation.

The last two visits she has wanted to take as she calls them "nature walks." Yes, having MS and chronic fatigue makes these little walks a challenge for Nan but a challenge I gladly accept. We have a wonderful time and at the same time are creating lasting memories with her. The matching colors was not intentional I might add but looks nice if I do say so myself.

My daffodils didn't do very well this year and this was the only one that bloomed. I am so pleased it was blooming this past weekend so Addie could pick it and present it to me.

I do know this. She is very aware of Nans favorite things; her, flowers, nature, rainbows and music.

My wish for Addie is summed up in the Lee Ann Womack song 'I Hope You Dance'. Yes, she has heard this song many times.

Dedicated to my loving Addie who is forever in my heart...

Kelli aka Nan