Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pile of Junk or Little Pieces of Beauty?

This junk pile caught my eye this past weekend and at the moment I saw it I thought "this is what I think MS has done to my life, reduced it to a pile of rubble or junk." I am sure there are others who can identify with that thought.

On closer inspection I found the beauty in the heap of all that stuff that at first glance appeared so negative to me. The old screen window suddenly become memories of spring breezes that once gently blew through it. How many times did someone look through that screen window and see something beautiful or inspiring?

The old boards and lumber made me think they at one time were probably a useful farm structure of some kind. Part of a productive barn, hog house or chicken house possibly. I can only imagine the wonderful things that happened within those structures. The birth of new life, the work of a farmer making a living for his family or children playing. I remember those days of farm living.

The pile of beauty now serves as an animal habitat. Many kittens have been born there. I feel certain many mice have been caught there too. Poor mouses. It is all still very useful and serving a purpose even though some might see it as unsightly.

We can see things as junk, rubble, negative or make a choice to see something positive. That is our decision to make in our lives.

Life in general, with or without chronic illness contains too much negative. I am working very hard to see the positive and to see I am in control of what kind of day I have.

Today I choose to see beauty in what most would refer to as a pile of junk.


"Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them."

David Hume