Friday, September 25, 2009

Stop & Smell the Roses, Why Not Listen to the Corn Sing

I live in a rural area where it is mostly crop farming; corn, soybeans, winter wheat. The other day I was walking the puppy and it was very windy. It is almost harvest time so the corn is very dry and for the first time in my life I noticed the music of the corn blowing and rubbing against one another in the wind. It was a beautiful sound. It seems illness & disability can open our senses to all the things we used to miss or ignore.


  1. It makes the world look totally different...I totally agree.

  2. I agree it makes the world look totally different...

  3. Hi Kelli,
    Just stopped by to take a gander at your blog and see who's checking me out. I'll be back to watch Maggie grow.

    What a wonderful way of describing the corn...listening to it sing. I'll be deliberately heading to the cornfields close to me just to listen.


  4. Thank you for dropping by Monica and Shauna. :-)
    Oh yes, I am certain there are many Maggie updates to follow.


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