Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Latest Photography Adventure

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Birth of a Cicada
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  1. I'm good...coming off some crazy medicine...cute smile box... It looks like you have been having a challanging week... Advice on Maggie, It may be a good idea to have her a pee pad or something inside... Just incase you are having a "I just don't feel like moving moment" I have a walk in shower that I don't use I taught Pepper to go in there. Paper trained then took the paper out. I need to blog on this ~grin~...

  2. Monica,I think it is too late to try the pee pad. She is totally housebroken to go outside. Hopefully one day soon I can let her outside off leash and trust her to come back. LOL

  3. Hi Kelli,

    Please go to my blog and pick up your award.

  4. Chronic illness Awareness week is over! Now EVERYONE is aware! hahahaha, cute display, new apps are fun. I hope a relaxing day for you and family!


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