Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pets, Pleasure & Health Benefits

As you can see we have our share of pets to bring us pleasure and to have positive effects on our health. Of course I have been inflicted with a few bruises from the goat head butting my leg and knocking me down but she is so much pleasure to watch. Goats have odd habits you know. They definitely are head strong little critters. We got her when she was a wee baby. That is another picture and another story for a different day.LOL What an experience. I can watch Daisy May(goat) from the window by my computer. What a joy.
This is Bailey. She is 10 yrs. old and our special baby. Yes she is quite large and she is a house dog. She loves to play with the cats catnip mouse toys that they ignore. Just like kids they want what the other one has. She is having arthritic problems but it doesn't stop her adventures off into the woods with the neighbors beagle from time to time. The next day she is as stiff as I am and can barely move her hind quarters. She too has her medication for those times she prefers to push the envelope.

This is Otis or Ohee as we call her. What can I say, I am not great at determining the sex of cats at an early age. She is our eldest cat being 14 yrs. old. She is so loving and sweet to the point of being absolutely ridiculous. Rub, rub, rub. You need some loving just call Ohee.

This is my hubby's best bud. Junior is his name. Yes, I thought he was a female when he was born and he went through an unnecessary surgery. No female organs present. I bet the vet felt crazy too. When he was born his legs had been folded up over his back in the womb and he could only pull himself with his front legs. The nurse in me decided I could also be a physical therapist to Junior and my therapy was a success. He walks on all four legs. Diligence pays off. His tongue does protrude doesn't it? I couldn't help him there. He has a swagger to his walk like John Wayne and hops like a rabbit from time to time but he is special. You haven't lived until you have had to hydrate your cats tongue because it is turning brown. True story. He seems to have some problems with impulse control. He sleeps beside my husband and during the night just reaches up and gives little love nips. Problem is hubby is on blood thinners and sometimes these little nips cause much bleeding. He seems to like my hubby's nose. I could go on and on about Junior. I will spare you.
Let me introduce you to Callie. She appeared on our doorstep one day about 8 yrs. ago. Poor thing had a compound fracture in her left back leg. So to the vet we go with a cat that isn't ours, she had surgery and the break healed without any problems. The vet knew she wasn't our cat and only charged us $30 for doing the surgery. What a compassionate man. She doesn't like to be cold as you can see. She sat in front of this heater every chance she got this past winter. We believe she is quite old and arthritic but does she ever have a wonderful motor. Her purr is beautiful.
I must say we have one more cat named Baby and I couldn't fit her pic on the page but she does have a special story so I will dedicate a day to her sometime soon.
Do they bring us pleasure? Most certainly. Decrease our blood pressure? Probably so. Do they accept us no matter what? YES. Does my dog and goat motivate me to get outside more than I probably would without them? YES. Do I ever feel blue and look out at the goat and she makes me smile? YES Is it nice to be loved my the cats and hear their purr? YES
My conclusion is that pets definitely are a health benefit whether it be physical or emotional.


  1. You have some very beautiful pets! Junior seems like a real special guy, too. And of course, I am partial to calico cats like Callie!

    Did you know I like goats? I have a few real nice goat friends that I know from their blogs.

  2. Kelli,

    Thanks for stopping by to my blog, and I really appreciate the comment.

    I love to meet your critters - Daisy May looks like the source of a whole lot of amusement, huh?

    Very shortly I'm going to share my own story of life with a disabled cat because your stories were such a joy to read. "Hey," I thought to myself, "what a BRILLIANT topic for my blog too!" Thanks for the idea and I hope it's ok that I blatantly do the same. I will, of course, credit you. :-)


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