Monday, March 12, 2012

Household Of The Disabled

We have a unique household in that each of us; human, feline and canine are disabled in our own way.  I shall deal with our pets today as our oldest cat, Junior who has a constant protruding tongue and appears somewhat inept awakened today not feeling up to par.  He is 16 yrs. old.  He was laying on Jim this morning and urinated in his lap.  He appears quite lethargic and has no interest in anything but sleeping.
Baby, our youngest cat of 9 yrs has only 4 feet.  She gets along very well for her disability.  She appears to be feeling well at this time.

Maggie our precious lab mix who is almost 3 yrs of age was diagnosed with ruptured ACL ligaments in both her rear knees with the right being in worse condition.  Our vet here in our small town had been thinking it was hip dysplasia not being satisfied with her diagnosis we sought another opinion in the city.  Thankfully we did before her condition deteriorated more than it has.  She is scheduled for surgery this March 16.

As for we humans in the house we are getting along as best we can considering what we are dealing with at the moment.  Jim's new medication has reduced the frequency of his angina.  He remains very fatigued with shortness of breath with any activity.

I was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  Just what I needed to add to the list of maladies I have had diagnosed.  This is taking some big adjustments in my diet.  Wish me luck.  My back injury from my yoga attempt took a doctors visit and a couple of weeks to resolve.

I have been crocheting something my 11yr. old granddaughter had requested and have it completed except for some small detail work.  I shall refer you a photo to give you an idea of what has had me pulling my hair out. LOL
It is the red one, Latias that is almost completed. The blue one or Latios is more detailed.  What I won't do for my grandchildren. 

Don't let one cloud obliterate the whole sky.- Anais Nin

Monday, February 27, 2012

There is nothing like birthdays to make one reflect on past memories and on how very quickly the years seem to pass.  My son will be thirty one years old March 2nd.  It seems like yesterday he was the age of his beautiful 10 month old son.  I was blessed to have some time to get to know my little grandson.  They were in need of a babysitter the first week of the month and Nanni(me) heeded the call and packed her bags for a week of fun.

My husband and I had jokingly discussed if it might be a good idea to take my knee pads along.  Typically I just use them in the garden.  I most definitely will take my knee pads the next trip I make.   I have energy and mobility issues but when it comes to my grandchildren I push myself to the max to make the most of every second I am blessed to be with them. 

I had a wonderful week with Andrew.  I forced this body onto the floor where all the play things and Andrew were and had a blast.  We had the best time getting to know one another and creating our own games.  I had prayed for the endurance and strength to get through the week and my prayer was definitely answered.  I was blessed to be present for a major milestone in every baby's life.  He said "Dade and Dada" for the first time.  I even got it on video.  That is always an exciting moment for a couple when baby says his first word.  I must say I felt sorry for my sweet daughter-in-law who like most Mommy's want Mommy to be the first word.

When I got home my body let me know how much I had pushed my limits.  My knees hurt for 2 weeks so bad and I was very fatigued.  But that is what we disabled do, we push our limits and pay the price later in lieu of letting precious moments pass us by.  All the pain I felt later was so worth it.  I would go back tomorrow if I was asked except I hurt my back a few days ago following doctors orders.

My rheumotologist has been reinforcing to me the benefit of exercise for my Fibromyalgia.  She recommended Tai Chi first.  Cognitively I am unable to do the upper body and lower body movements in sync.  I tried the chair Tai Chi and I just can't seem to get the hang of it plus it sent my neck and shoulders into a Fibro flare.  The other day I tried to follow a video supposedly for arthritis patients.  Oh my gosh my pain level is off the charts at times.  My lumbo-sacral area of my back is crying out "you crazy woman you should know better."  What can I say, "the doctor made me do it."   Blame doesn't get you anywhere and it sure doesn't ease the pain.  I just hate it though when you get in a position and your back gets stuck and you can't move. 

I have been crocheting and did complete one of my projects.  It turned out to be a beautiful scarf.  I found the pattern some time ago on but was unable to find the pattern there today to link to it.  I am presently working on a baby afghan in pink and white.   My fingers have been very stiff though so the crochet time is limited too.

My back is now saying I should get out of this computer chair and walk about.   I am off to walk around the house.  Wishing everyone a great week....

Monday, January 30, 2012

His Head Is What?

For those of you that aren't aware we do have a grandson that is 9 mo. old.  My son phoned me this morning concerned as he had a received a call from my dil who had just come from an appt. with the pediatrician for Andrew's checkup.  My son's question to me was "did I have a big head when I was a baby?"  No, his head was normal as I recollect.  In all seriousness the doctor is concerned that Andrew's head measurement since his 6 mo. to his 9 mo. visit is too great.  As I recall when he was born his head measured 14 in.  They have a Cat Scan scheduled tomorrow morning to hopefully dispel any concerns or problems.  No, I am not privy to the 6 mo. measurement but I do know that today it measured "18 something."  So his current head size isn't the concern but the growth rate since last visit.  Whoops, I think I already said that.  Please excuse me but I am a concerned Nanni at the moment. 

I (being a disabled & retired R.N.)  have lost all sense of rationability and nurse sense.  Strange how we lose all perspective when we are concerned about a family member. 

I keep reassuring myself someone mis-measured or documented the wrong head circumference at one of the two visits or both.    I know one thing for certain, he has a perfect, beautiful head. 

I shall pray and wait patiently for the results of the CT scan tomorrow.  Please keep Andrew in your thoughts.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deal With It!

Who said living together twenty four hours a day was easy?  My precious husband and I have been living the twenty four hour thing the past month since his retirement.  Honestly it has proven to be easier than I think we both anticipated.  Don't get me wrong there have been a few bumps in the road but nothing a little patience and a few minutes alone can't resolve.  He has heard, "deal with it," a few times, such as when I sat down to write this.   Truly he is an angel of a husband.

His application for SS Disability is complete, he has had his phone interview and now more forms have been received for completion.  I had to complete a set of forms about how his disability has affected him from A to Z.  So the saga continues. 

My fingers have been busy this month with my crocheting.  I got a bee in my bonnet and made several baby bonnets.  As you can see our poor Maggie is fed up with being my model.  She is such a good sport. 

I found the granny square bonnet pattern on-line and I am sorry I can't give its author credit as is customary because I can't find the link I am certain I saved. 

Brain fog, cog fog or whatever you choose to call it has been ever present lately.  It doesn't make crocheting easy either.  I love simple things that require basic steps.  Right now I am working on a scarf that does require the use of my brain.  I feel it is best to challenge one's self from time to time.  Hubby has some cog fog issues too which is double the trouble for us.  I found the bag of pinto beans I planned to prep for cooking in the bedroom the other day.  How did they get there?  I am sure hubby put them there to fool with my head.   Now he is my excuse.  This just might work out.

Have a nice week everyone.